Hennes Strand apartments Center - Location

Henne Strand apartments Center is only a few minutes walk from a wonderful traffic-free beach and a few minutes walk from the many shops and activities in the area.


The beach town has a good variety of shops:
Supermarkets selling everyday necessities, bakers, clothing, shoes, art & crafts, sportswear and equipment as well as cafés and restaurants.



During your stay you can enjoy the fresh healthy sea air, the wonderful wide and miles long sandy beach, enjoy the dunes, plantations and nature paths with many possibilities such as jogging or bicycle rides. Within a short distance it is also possible to play tennis, golf or go riding.


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Henne Strand apartments Center  //  Klitvej 2, 6854 Henne  //  Tlf: +45 75 25 50 04  //  Fax: 75 25 56 04  //  E-mail: hotelhennestrand@mail.dk  // CVR: 12066271